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The Ultimate Tribute to KISS

EQC Event Center
Wednesday, Nov. 16 2022

Enjoy complimentary tickets to Mr. Speed, The Ultimate Tribute to KISS live, November 16, at the EQC Tacoma Event Center!

Your Players Club account number is your Ticketmaster unlock code.
Seats will also be available on a first come, first served basis on show night. 
A Ticketmaster fee of $5.25 per ticket applies.

About Mr. Speed Tribute the Utimate tribute to KISS

With nearly 25 years of experience under their spandex MR. SPEED continues to forge ahead writing their own chapter in KISStory. Their passion for KISS is real. This show combines a lot of the elements that are reminiscent of an original KISS performance.


Many tribute bands claim to be the eighth wonder of the world, falling short in most occasions when it comes to delivering what KISS fans expect. MR. SPEED refuses to make such a claim. “Our focus is clear and has been since day one…to give the KISS fans our very best. We never settle for mediocrity. Every show is another opportunity to prove to ourselves and to KISS fans everywhere that paying tribute is showing the ultimate in respect.”

“Our experience does the talking. We’ve performed at countless KISS expos along with many club shows throughout the mid-west. We’ve shared stages with other tribute acts and brought communities closer together performing at festivals as well. Our passion for KISS is real. We believe in bridging the gap between KISS fans from the ’70’s and the new legions of the KISS Army. This sustains the staying power of KISS’ music for generations. It’s an awesome experience for us when parents and kids alike stand in unison to sing along to such classics like “Detroit Rock City” and “Rock And Roll All Nite”.”

“Our lighted KISS logo illuminates the backline of endless Marshall speaker cabinets. Our costumes replicate the ’76’-’77’ era of KISS’ career, a time when lips everywhere were coming together in unison to welcome the #1 band in America. Our set list includes everything from KISS’ career that you would expect to hear. Plus a smattering of songs that we feel deserve to be heard as well.”

“Our commitment and devotion to our tribute is clear. We believe in enthusiastically paying tribute to KISS. We realize the passion that lives within the hearts of KISS fans everywhere…we’re fans, too.”

Disclaimer: Must be 21 years old or older to attend. 




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