Event Center Tech Sheets

Our All New Event center is over twenty one thousand square foot & equipped with the following equipment including WIFI:

· Newtek 4K Tri-Caster (4K Video Mixer) with up to 32 source inputs. This also gives us the ability to separate any input images or videos on any of our 3 amazing 4K Screens. Including live TV broadcasts.

· Newtek 4K 3Play Machine (Instant Replay) which feeds directly from the Newtek Tri-Caster for instant replay capabilities.

· All New 4K Canon Cameras.

· Ceiling mounted remote 4K Canon camera with 360-degree rotation.

· Direct Fiber Camera and/or system input locations. Which are ran directly into the Newtek Tri-Caster and Replay system.

· The above equipment also gives us the ability to record events as they are being mixed live. Display event on Casino Floor if desired.

· Livestream events with HD quality directly from the Newtek equipment. With direct audio feed from our top of the line audio system.

· Issue livestream embed code of the event that can be used on your company or EQC website. In any size up to and including HD.

Event Center Room Displays

· On each sides of the stage we have a 4K LED screens that are

11’ 3” x 19’ 11” in size with a 1.58mm Pitch, and a true 2160x3840 4K Resolution.

· At the rear/center of the stage we have 4K LED video wall that is

18’ x 32’ in size with a 2.5mm Pitch, that also has a true 2160 x 3840 4K resolution.